A Word from Madam President

0f7df96e82a14143bf148aa64823a7abI have been with Delta Zeta for almost three years now, and I know my college experience wouldn’t be close to the same it is now without my sisters. Delta Zeta from the minute I walked in to their rush event was warm, inviting, and above all, genuine with every conversation I had. What I saw was what I got and I had never had a stronger gut feeling that this was something I was meant to be a part of.

Our Chapter is so incredibly diverse with culture, different personalities, and different strengths that everyone truly is an important piece that makes this organization what is today. We love one another dearly, and being president of the organization I looked up to for so long is truly surreal. My name is Mackenzie Langley Glava, and I am a DZ for life.

Go Greek!

Delta Zeta Love and Mine,

—Mackenzie Glava, Chapter President