A word from Madam President

You will come across many individuals146354599163438 who say, “I never pictured myself in a sorority.” I, myself, am no exception. I was incredibly involved throughout my high school and early college years, and when I was asked to be a Founding Member of Delta Zeta I thought it would be like any other organization. However, it didn’t take long for me to realize that this is something else entirely.

College is about finding your “community”, your home away from home. Some may find it in their freshman dorm hall, or through athletics, or through the club that caught their eye during freshman orientation. I thought I had found my community during my freshman year, but I still felt like something was missing. It wasn’t until I practically stumbled upon Delta Zeta that I realized a strong network of women is what I desired.

In Delta Zeta we are all connected by one common thread which weaves throughout our individual tapestries. We are full of aspiring artists, dancers, athletes, accountants, consultants, doctors, and lawyers. We each pursue our different interests throughout the week, sometimes independently and sometimes jointly, but on Sunday evenings we all come back together as one. There is beauty in this unity which is unlike any other organization. While each woman may not be my best friend, they are all my sisters. That means no matter the time, no matter the circumstance, we are there for one another. And there is no greater comfort than knowing that if you fall, there are 75 sisters helping you rise again.

An organization bonded together through this kind of connection has the ability to achieve great things. We hold each other to the highest standard in each aspect of life. We boast high GPAs on campus, we strive to improve the community both on and off campus, and above all we seek to improve upon our wonderful bond of sisterhood.

In joining Delta Zeta, you are a member of this community. The community of hundreds of thousands of women who have joined Delta Zeta since 1902. And while your time at The University of Texas at Dallas is finite, you will always be called a sister.

-Lyndsey Ibarra