A word from Madam President

The term “sorority” was one that I never really 18406150_10209269343986513_667970745_oheard growing up. I am first generation Filipina American and the first in my family to attend an American university. So there was really no way for me to be introduced to Greek Life. It wasn’t until I arrived at UT Dallas that idea of joining a sorority became real for me.

At UTD, I quickly discovered that the sorority women on our campus were the ones that I wanted to know. These sorority women were the leaders. They held themselves to the highest of academic standards. They championed philanthropic causes that impacted people here and abroad and they were always volunteering on and off the campus for organizations in our community. In an inexplicable way, these sorority women were deeply connected to one another. They were doing wonderful things and having a great time together all along the way. What they were sharing is sisterhood. I knew that I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself and being a sorority woman was my path to do it.

After I joined Delta Zeta, my life quickly began to change. I found myself feeling more connected and making a difference in the world around me. Delta Zeta enabled me to have an impact on my community by sharing my love for volunteerism and helping others with 80 other like-minded women by my side. Through DZ, I’ve developed my leadership skills and prepared for the next stage in my life with the support of my sisters. I’ve created a network of DZ sisters all over the world who share similar values and goals. I’ve found a sisterhood of lifelong best friends and future bridesmaids. Delta Zeta is my support system and my home-away-from-home. I have met some of the most intelligent, compassionate, and inspiring women who have graced our campus through Delta Zeta. My DZ sisters empower me every day to be more than I ever thought possible.

Whenever people ask me what Delta Zeta is to me, I always tell them that we are a group of women who empower one another to become better versions of ourselves. We hold each other to a higher standard in all that we do. As Delta Zetas, we strive to Do More, Care More, and Be More. Delta Zeta is a diverse group of unique individuals who strive to make a difference not only in each other’s lives but also in the lives of those who our lives may touch in the slightest of measure. We are future lawyers, engineers, accountants, and medical professionals. We seek to better our community both on and off campus. Most importantly, we aim to build upon our foundation of steadfast love, everlasting friendship, and sincere sisterhood.

Go Greek!

Delta Zeta Love and Mine,

Ricki Eugenio, Chapter President